Natural Medication

Patent formula contains only amino acids, nutrients and botanicals.

No Harmful Side Effects

No risk of stomach bleeds, heart attacks, or addiction.

Reduce Inflammation

Clinical studies show that Theramine significantly reduces the inflammatory markers c-reactive protein & interleukin-6.


Non Addictive

Theramine is not a narcotic pain reliever.

Effective Pain Relief

Patented formula is rapidly absorbed by the body to reduce pain and inflammation.

Safely Reduces Pain

Two double-blind clinical trials support efficacy of Theramine for reducing pain.

Dangerous Side Effects of Common Pain Medications

Drowsiness Dizziness Addiction Stomach Bleeds Kidney Damage Heart Attack
Theramine none none none none none none
Ibuprofen none yes none yes yes yes
Hydrocodone-Acet yes yes yes none yes none
Oxycontin yes yes yes none none none

The Science Behind Theramine

Theramine works with your body to manage pain and inflammation, providing the key nutrients and amino acids your cells need at the time they need them the most. Theramine uses a patented ingredient technology to efficiently promote the production of important neurotransmitters that are responsible for decreasing pain and inflammation.

Theramine provides the amino acids and nutrients that are converted to serotonin, GABA, nitric oxide, serine and acetylcholine. These substances help your body and brain communicate more efficiently, and are essential in the process of reducing the amplitude of pain signals.

Theramine addresses the increased amino acid requirements of pain syndromes safely and effectively without the side effects commonly associated with NSAIDs and narcotic pain medications. There have been two double-blind, multicenter clinical trials supporting the efficacy of Theramine for the management of pain.

Benefits of Theramine for the Dietary Management of Pain Syndromes.

David Silver, M.D. discusses Theramine as a safe, effective and natural medication for pain management that does not carry the risks associated with NSAIDs and narcotics.


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