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Chronic Pain & Inflammation

A Natural Solution


It's true. Chronic pain alters nutrient, amino acid and neurotransmitter metabolism, and is difficult to manage using common therapies. Many pain medications often try to "mask" pain rather than addressing the underlying nutritional deficiencies associated with chronic pain.

Over the past decade, scientific research has focused on the underlying physiologic changes created by chronic pain, and research has shown that products called medical foods can improve amino acid, nutrient and neurotransmitter production to support nervous system health and function.


Theramine is a medical food designed to address the underlying amino acid and nutrient deficiencies associated with chronic pain and inflammatory disorders. Theramine has been recommended by physicians and dietitians for over a decade as part of an overall strategy for addressing the nervous system requirements of their patients. Theramine is not a drug, and is specially designed to supply the nervous system with the fuel it needs to meet the altered metabolic requirements of chronic pain and inflammatory disorders.

"I've recommended Theramine to my patients for over a decade."

Dr. David Silver

Former Clinical Chief of Rheumatology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

“Clinically proven to be safer and effective in comparison to NSAIDS”

Dr. Michael Sinel

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist


Patented Messenger Amino Acid Technology

Theramine was designed by pain management experts to address the underlying amino acid and nutrient deficiencies associated with chronic pain and inflammatory disorders.
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Doctor Recommended
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The Dangers of NSAIDS

Explore Theramine as a Solution to Chronic Pain


Theramine uses patented uptake absorption technology to replace depleted amino acids and neurotransmitters,
helping support a distressed nervous system.


Theramine helps restore neurotransmitter and amino acid levels, helping to bring your nervous system back into balance.

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